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EL-CAP, e-learning course on the CAP. Learning the CAP, learning your future.


The idea behind the training is to help explain the Common Agricultural Policy in an easy accessible and cheap way, not bound by time and space.


History of the CAP from its beginnings to the Health Check of the CAP. Teacher: MARIA ROSARIA PUPO D’ANDREA
Theories on markets, regulation, liberalization and public godos. Teacher: ROBERTO ESPOSTI
The current CAP – The first pillar. Teacher: SAMUEL FERET
The current CAP – The second pillar: the Rural Development Policy. Teacher: FRANCO SOTTE
The global context of the new CAP. Teacher: ALAN MATTHEWS
Institutional environment, Lisbon Treaty, integration and articulation of policies, budget and expenditure of the CAP. Teacher EMIL ERJAVEC
The new post 2013 CAP. Teacher: ANDREA BONFIGLIO, Including interview with TASSOS HANIOTIS
Academic perspective on open issues. The stakeholders’ views on the CAP and its future. Teacher: ALLAN BUCKWELL, Including video-interviews with stakeholders
Having fun with the CAP. Games and original learning material. Editor: ANTONELLO LOBIANCO

Target group

The primary target group are first year university students that follow courses like (agricultural) economy, rural sociology, European policy, etc. In practice the course also attracted a lot of interest from people that have a professional interest in agricultural and rural policies and who want to update their knowledge.

The secondary target group are young people, age group 16-18 that are in the stage of their secondary school when they have tochose a follop education of vocational training. For them a serious game, CAP-it! was developed (


Distance learning




One module is between 4 and 8 hours. To do the whole course (8 modules), including all entry tests, verification tests and final test will take some 60 hours.


The module is in principle free of charge. Participants that have succesfully concluded the whole course and passed the final test can receive a certificate for which they pay 50 euros for administrative cost.

Institution responsable:

Groupe de Bruges


Bart Soldaat
+31 317419323, +31 621292979 (mobile)
Plantsoen 114, 6701 AT Wageningen - The Netherlands.
Twitter: @groupedebruges.

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